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Review the PO. The purchase order will be displayed with the general information at the top. It also shows several tabs, each of which contains different.Dec 31, 2009 In customizing transaction OMCQ, set message M7433 as “E”: image. Now if doing GR for a PO which has DCI set, there will be error M7433.Field Name. R/O/C. Description. Document number. O Purchase orders can be printed one at a time by entering the. SAP document number. If more than one .Apr 2, 2014 Dear Friends,. I would like to share with you all a scenario which I've come across in 'PO Release Strategy', and the requirement has been met .Click the PO number to see the line items for the Purchase Order to be approved. Filename: RELEASE A PURCHASE. ORDERWI. Reference: 1.0. Version: Rev .

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